Foam Watermelon Craft for Kids

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In the story Mouse’s First Summer by Laura Thompson, we follow the adventures of a mouse and his sister as they prepare for the summer picnic! Kids will love to follow his adventures as he learns all about what makes summer special, what a picnic is all about, and so much more. This foam watermelon craft is the perfect activity to accompany the book, as you will see that the mouse runs into a watermelon of his own.

Book-Inspired Foam Watermelon Craft

Look below at how to make your own foam watermelon, perfect for using as a bookmark with this enchanting book!

Here is what you will need to make your foam watermelon:

green, pink, white, and black craft foam 
craft glue

If you don’t have craft foam, you can always use craft paper or crafting felt. Either will work just as well for this project! You can find all of these crafting supplies at your local craft store or even Dollar Store making it a budget-friendly activity.

Now Let’s Get Crafting

To make this Foam Watermelon Craft, begin by cutting out a large semi-circle from your green craft foam. This will be the base as well as the rind of your watermelon.

Cut out a slightly smaller semi-circle using the white craft foam. Add a dab of glue to the back and place it over the green. You now have the rind as well as the white strip often present in watermelon.

Next, cut out an even smaller pink semi-circle. This will be the fruit of your watermelon. Add a dab of glue to the back and place the pink portion over the white. Your watermelon is now starting to look complete!

Continue with the watermelon theme by making these Summer Watermelon Popsicles!

Finish off your foam watermelon by cutting out some small black ovals. These will act as the seeds of your watermelon. Add a dab of glue to each and press them to the pink foam in a random pattern. Allow the glue to dry.

Your foam watermelon craft is now complete. Add magnets on the back to make it into a magnet, or use it as-is for window decoration. You can even use it as a bookmark when you read this book to your friends!

Here are some more MUST DO Watermelon Activities For Summer!!

Join Mouse on his adventure as he learns about summer in this darling children’s book, then gather your supplies and try making your own foam watermelon craft. It is a great way to enjoy the text just a little bit more!

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Summer can be full of fun while still learning. We’ve compiled our favorite activities here. We’ve included literacy, math, crafts and more all with a SUMMER theme!

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