Flower Pot Beehive Craft

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Bees rely on their beehive for shelter, to store food, and of course make honey. Bees can’t survive without creating a proper hive, and this activity will give kids an idea of what that hive looks like. Look below at how to make a flower pot beehive craft for kids, and see how fun and easy it can be to make a hive of your own.

Flower Pot Beehive Craft for Kids

You and your kids can make these beautiful beehive craft with just a few simple supplies. You may even have most of them. If not, you can try the dollar store or click on each link below.
terra cotta flower pot
yellow craft paint
paint brush
black marker or paint
construction paper
craft glue

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The size of hive you wish to achieve will determine how big of a flower pot to use. Keep this in mind when choosing your pot.

Begin by applying two coats of yellow paint to the flower pot. Allow the paint to dry well in between coats.

Take your black marker or black paint and create lines going around the pot. This just adds more detail and “layers” to the hive.

Turn the flower pot over so the mouth of the pot is faced down. This will give you the cone shape of your hive.

Use your construction paper to craft some paper bees. You can do this by creating a black paper circle and lining strips of yellow paper across the circle. Add small black ovals for wings, black antenna, and of course eyes.

Add some glue to your finished bee and press it to the hive. You can do one bee or multiple bees if you wish.

Your flower pot beehive is now ready to be displayed. You can use it when talking about how bees create their homes and the duties they perform in it.

Give this flower pot beehive craft for kids a try, and create your own little beehive to explore. 

These ideas will help you and your kids make DIY projects for your backyard!

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