Fizzing Heart Cloud Dough Experiment (Taste Safe)

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I think my kids are really starting to enjoy these kinds of activities. I am talking jumping up and down here and asking a billion questions that mainly consist of the phrase “What you doing, Mommy?” on repeat no matter how many times I say what I AM doing.

This little science experiment is a favorite of my preschooler. For this one I decided to use some heart shapes to make it interesting. I also used 4 colors to bring in some contrast.

To make this cloud dough fizzing experiment

We have in the past made a batch of purple cloud dough to fizz, that turned out so well that for this one I was thinking MORE color, which meant I had to split the cloud dough mixture into even smaller batches to make this happen. The recipe below needs to be done per color. If you are making just one color refer to the cloud dough fizzing recipe instead.

  • 3x 1/4 cup flour
  • 1x 1/4 cup bicarbonate of soda
  • 6 tsp (teaspoons) vegetable oil. canola, olive, coconut oil all work. (we use olive oil)
  • candy colors (oil based)

I use the minimum amount of bicarbonate of soda as it is very hard to purchase in bulk here in Ecuador.

Use a sealable plastic bag add the oil and food coloring swoosh so that it mixes together. Add the flour and Bicarbonate of soda. Mix well and kind of massage through the bag to get the oils into all the flour.

Repeat for as many colors as you need. Pack the cloud dough into your silicone heart mold. My mold is rather hard to get even chocolate out of so I put the mold with cloud dough in the deep freeze for a few hours to harden it up before removing the cloud dough hearts.

Lovely cloud dough hearts ready to fizz!

Empty out the rest of your cloud dough in a smaller dish.

Here I doubled the container. The dish for the cloud dough is within our sensory bin. I learnt from our last fizzy cloud dough that this stuff in going to really expand and FIZZ!

Use some kind of squirt bottle and fill it with vinegar. Hand it to the kids!

Make those hearts fizz!

This can of course be done with just the hearts in the bin.Squirt vinegar on the hearts and watch them fizz and mix with the contrasting color below.

I totally love how the colors combined while fizzing!

Just gorgeous.

Ha! See! I said this stuff gets nice and fizzy!OK, I think you get the picture 😀

Of course sticking hands in the fizzing foamy stuff is also a sensory must! Also since the hearts were frozen when we started this they didn’t fizz completely to nothing so the kids were able to put their hands in and fish out little solid blobs. You can also add some plastic hearts and go fishing for them!

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