Fine Motor Encouraging Toys for Baby

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I just love this age when my baby starts wanting to explore and is thinking really hard about that crawling stage! At this age toys become fascinating because baby can get hold of the items and feel them.

Today I would like to take a little detour on this fine motor friday when I usually post things my toddler is up to introduce you to my baby of 6 months and her first debut on my blog! As my toddler enters the preschool area this little one is going to start taking over for fine motor friday!

Here are a few ideas for your baby of 4, 5 or 6 months of age to try out.

On a side note at this age baby wants to mouth everything so please be aware of items that might cause a choking hazard!

Plush Toys are great for baby, not only do they feel soft when touched they can have a bunch of other uses. I love this huggable lamb blanket for nap times and general soothing. I often find my baby feeling the soft silk and inspecting the lambs ears. Items like this must be carefully chosen because children tend to use them for a long time.

At this age your baby is rolling onto their stomachs and strengthening those neck muscles. Supply toys the encourage touch and exploration. Much fine motor work is done on this snowy tails book as my baby inspects the tails of the various animals. (they also get tasted! lol)

Babies LOVE tags. You will often find them inspecting the tags on their plush animals. Each of the above handmade items have tags and encourage this natural exploration phase.

The tag blocks are made of upcycled baby clothing that got too small and the tag bunny is made to soak up excess teething drool! The tag square has contrasting ladybugs for visual stimulation and a soft other side to touch which doubles as a drool catcher because as I suspected my baby wanted to eat those lady bugs!

Sliding and rolling things is another favorite of my 6 month old. Both the playgro horse and activity ball have been handed down among the 4 kids! You can also see my detailed review of the Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball here.

Dangling things for your baby to reach out and grab is also great for hand eye co-ordination! Mine loves to make a grab for the teething rings and gets rewarded by enjoying a good gumming session on them!

Of course lets not forget good ol’ sophie the giraffe. After the success I had with my first daughter and the sophie teether review I wrote I went ahead and bought my 2nd daughter one well in advance. Sophie has many legs and a nice long neck for your baby to grab on to while either exploring the teether or having a good gum massaging session on.

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Some more fine motor ideas?

Check what my co-hosts have been up to and don’t forget to get a copy of our BOOK 99 Fine Motor Ideas for ages 1-5!

Building Lego Droids Star Wars Sensory Activity from Little Bins for Little Hands

DIY Street Sweeper Brush Toys from Lalymom

Counting Ants: Fine Motor Sensory Game from Stir the Wonder

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