Find a New Tradition in the Magical Find Me, Santa! Snowflake

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As a young family we are rather excited to start exploring new traditions as well as adding those passed down from mine and my husbands side. This year we were fortunate enough to stumble across this Find Me, Santa! Snowflake which I think is a great way to bring even more adventure and MAGIC! into the Christmas season.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Hallmark, all opinions are my own.

 5 Ways to use the Find Me, Santa! Snowflake

1. Do the easy thing! Hang it on the tree and watch it glow, glow, glow.

2. Hang it on the door knob! Your front door or your kids room door.

3. Stand or hang it in a window. All the better to see!

4. Take it outside if you have trees in the yard. Now the path is lit for Santa!

5. Are you traveling to family at Christmas time? The children might be worried that Santa won’t find them because you are not at your home. This snowflake takes care of that! Now Santa can find them anywhere because the snowflake has their name on it!

The batteries for this snowflake will last well into the night and even after Santa makes his arrival. You can also make it a part of the tradition that the kids go to bed with the snowflake on, so Santa can find them and then once they are asleep and the presents are laid under the tree, it can be put off because Santa found it and turned it off.

Even unlit the Find Me, Santa! Snowflake looks stunning on the tree. Another idea is to leave the snowflake off and only turn it on on Christmas eve, because you wouldn’t want Santa to arrive too early.

BONUS way #6: I have also been wanting to do the Christmas eve gift box tradition and I think that this would definitely fit well with that theme!

For just $9.95 I would say this is a really good buy and would be awesome in building a new family tradition with the magic of Santa. You can find the Find Me, Santa! Snowflake here. I admittedly got a bit sidetracked by a certain cookie shape roller while browsing about. But what Mom child wouldn’t want that super cool item! Seasonal baking yum yum.

I also love the main website that features all sorts of interactive things. Pop on by  and have fun clicking about!

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