Felt Tree Stacking – Christmas Busy Bags

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Todays Christmas Busy Bag is full of size logic plus color sorting and you get a beautiful mini tree when you are done!

To make this busy bag you will need:

  • color felt in a variety of happy colors
  • 1 normal craft stick
  • 8 mini craft sticks (you can use normal ones in a pinch)
  • hot glue gun

Cut your felt into circles of varying sizes. I cut 3 or 4 pieces of felt at once making this a color sorting tree as well. The kids can match up all the color circles first before stacking them up. Cut a slit in those circles so it fits over the craft stick which will be your tree.

Don’t forget the star! (If you are bad at free hand cutting a star like I am, I used the smallest star on the star printable from this star craft we did last year as the template)

For the stand of the tree I used mini craft sticks and hot glued them together to support the main standing tree craft stick. To do this I took 2 mini sticks added a small bit of hot glue around the center area then took the green stick and put it standing up between the two mini sticks. Take another 2 mini sticks and lay them in the opposite direction so that the green stick is now wedged between the 4 mini sticks essentially creating a base for your tree.

Add 2 pairs just like this to secure.

Layout your busy bag and let the kids at it! After color sorting and size sorting the circles it is time to make a stacking tree.

This one kept the kids busy for some time. Successful busy bag, YAY!

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