“My Dad Rocks!” Father’s Day Preschool Craft

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June is the month for celebrating dads! If your child is like most, he or she will want to make dad something special for Father’s Day. This My Dad Rocks paperweight craft for kids is an easy way for them to show their love while giving dad a gift he can surely use. Look below at how to make your own Father’s Day preschool craft, and see how simple it can be to make your own. Dad is sure to love it!

A Father’s Day Preschool Craft Dad Will Love

Here is what you will need for your paperweight:

large, flat rock
wet paper towel
assorted paint brushes
craft paint
optional clear sealant

One of the best places to find rocks is right in your own backyard! You can also them find them in parks and along lakes and oceans. For an extra special treat, give dad a rock that you found on a recent trip or family vacation. The place where the rock came from can have lots of meaning or be a craft store find.

As far as paint goes, any type of acrylic craft paint will work well. Choose any colors you wish and any finish you wish. As long as the rock is smooth, it will adhere nicely.

Directions for your Father’s Day preschool craft

Begin by cleaning the rock with a wet paper towel. Use a dry towel to wipe clean and make sure the rock is totally dry before painting. Cleaning the rock is important as this will help the paint adhere well.

Once the rock is dry, use craft paint of your choice to write your message. You can write something as simple as MY DAD ROCKS on the rock, or add a special message of your choice. To help keep the words spaced neatly, you can write the words in pencil first and use the pencil writing as a stencil.

When the paint has dried, turn the rock over. You can now write the date and year on the back of the rock. This way, dad will always remember when you gave it to him.

Add in any additional embellishments you choose. This can any kind of squiggles or designs of your choice.

Once the paint has dried, you can apply an optional top coat. Any clear sealant will work well and help further protect your artwork against chips or scratches.

Once dry, your paperweight is ready for gift giving. You can pair it with a handmade card, as well as a list of all the reason your dad rocks! He is sure to love this special, handmade gift, and think of the giver each time he sees it.

Your MY DAD ROCKS paperweight can function as a paperweight in his office, a good luck charm in the car, or even add it to a favorite garden or flowerbed.

This Father’s Day preschool craft is a great way for them to show their love for the special man in their life!

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