Farm Animal Shape Tracing Printables

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Tracing is a fabulous way to help children learn the shape of something. Whether this is letters and numbers or an actual shape. This Farm Animal Shape Tracing set is perfect for introducing a variety of different shapes and helping children learn how to draw them.

Farm Animal Shape Tracing

Preschoolers love learning shapes. Some children learn the basic shapes much younger than preschool, which is great for them. Learning more of the variety of shapes is an important skill for them to learn. These printables will help them be able to identify shapes. For the first time, as they point to the different shapes, you can tell them the name. The next time you can point and ask them to identify the shape. Then when they are ready, they can trace them.

This shape tracing printable set is also created to help children learn to draw the shapes. All of the shapes that are on each page are created with dashed line. This way children know which direction to drag their pencil.

We’ve included a variety of shapes, even ones that are more challenging than the basic. Some that we included are: hexagon, octagon, heart, triangle, trapazoid and more!

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The great thing about this printable set is it has major benefits. Activities such as this will help children get ready to write ABCs, words and sentences. When children use these printables they will be strengthening their hand and finger muscles that are required for writing and drawing. Bilateral integration is strengthened. This is when you use one hand to hold the paper and one hand to write. Other skills that are strengthened include crossing the mid line and object identification and manipulation.

This set is super easy to prep. There are two different pages. One has the farm scene with the blank shapes integrated into the picture. The second page is strictly the shapes. After printing, you can laminate or put the pages into a dry erase pocket. An alternative to this is using a zip bag. It works just the same and you probably have one at home. With these two options, kids can use dry erase markers. You can also just give the paper to them with crayons. Kids can trace the shape then color in if they would like.

You can also cut out each shape from the blank paper. You may want to have your child color them first. Once they are cut, they can be matched up on the farm page like a puzzle.

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