Farm Animal Puzzles

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Puzzles are something I have been trying to add to our activities, sometimes it is a success and sometimes the kids just aren’t interested. This week I tried a new approach and made our own BUT also in a theme that was appealing to my kids, especially my one son. Farm Animals!

Supplies to make farm animal puzzles:

  • Jumbo craft sticks (6 per puzzle)
  • Tape to hold them together (i use electrical tape, its the only one the kids never steal!)
  • White school glue
  • Paint brush to spread glue
  • Printable with farm animals (I made some)
  • xacto knife or similar

Layout 6 jumbo craft sticks and tape together in a line with your tape. This is to make sure that the sticks don’t move and to mostly keep the glue from getting between them. So make it tight! Next glue the image onto the craft stick canvas. Spread glue on your sticks and thin out with a paint brush. Apply image and smooth out to get maximum glue coverage.

Set these to dry on a flat surface. Usually overnight.

Once dry you might notice that some of the puzzles became warped from drying. This is not an issue as you are about to cut them. 😀

Now gently fold the sticks in on each other. picture to picture. 

Use your knife to cut the paper neatly in between. Keep trimming until sticks come apart. Use your knife once more to trim splinters off if there on on the edges.

TIP: Write the name of the puzzle on the back of the craft sticks so you can easily find each selection! I use an rubber band to store my puzzles in a neat pack.

Your puzzles are ready for play! 

Give one or two puzzles at a time. Mix them if you child is a more advanced puzzle builder.

You might also like the painted puzzles we made!

Also, check below to find tons more farm animal ideas!

Quick VIDEO instructions!


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