Farm Animal Pattern Block Mats For Numbers 1-10

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Are you working on numbers 1-10? It’s is important for children to not only start counting but to be able to recognize numbers as well.

These number mats help children recognize the numbers, count as well as incorporating a fun farm animal theme with pattern making.

Pattern Block Mats With Farm Animal Theme

Pattern blocks are not just fun toys. They can help children by introducing them to new concepts and strengthening important skills. These various shape blocks can help children with patterns and symmetry but will also introduce them to skills that they can use later in life.

Like fractions, measurement, angles and transformations. Preschoolers may not use these concepts directly, but the introduction through pattern blocks will serve a purpose as they learn more math. There is also space on these mats for children to gain prewriting skills as well.

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I’m loving these mats because not only do they have a cute farm animal theme but once you prep them, you are set for life. For this activity you will need

Pattern Blocks 
Lamination Sheets or Dry Erase Pockets
Dry Erase Markers

Download your printable below by clicking on the image.

The first thing to do is to print the mats out. There are 10 all together, one for each number 1-10.

I like to laminate each pages. This helps keep the activity ready to use for years to come. We all know what little hands can do to a piece of paper. If you are prepping this activity for home, you can laminate double sided to save on lamination sheets.

Another option is to use dry erase pockets. These are fantastically convenient! Just slide the activity sheet into the pocket and switch it out when you are done.

Now just grab the pattern blocks and dry erase markers and get started!

Each page of the activity shows the same concepts each. In the far left top corner there are the cute farm animals. The number for the mat is represented here as well as the ten frame turned into a barn.

Under this is the numerical and number word listed. This is great for helping children see all the different parts of the number sense.

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On the right is the pattern block section. Each page is a different animal and pattern. This works with your typical pattern block set.

Under the pattern block is a place where children can practice tracing the dotted line. This is a fantastic prewriting activity.

This is great for preschoolers and kindergartners. The fun will mask that they are actually learning!

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