Family Tree Craft for Kids

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Kids seem to be very curious about the different people in their family. Sometimes it can be hard to make the connections and figure out how exactly different family members are related to them. A great way to discover the family tree further is to enjoy the book Who’s in My Family? by Robie H. Harris, then give this simple family tree craft for kids a try.

Make a Family Tree Craft

Here is what you will need to get started!

Supplies needed:

colorful construction paper
craft glue

Don’t worry about this being an expensive project as everything you need can be found at your local Dollar Store or right amongst your own craft supplies!


Begin by tracing your child’s hand on some green construction paper. You will need about 5 to 7 hands traced.

Once the hands are traced, go ahead and cut the hand shapes out. Set the shapes aside to be used again shortly.

Create the trunk of your tree from brown or black construction paper. A simple long rectangle will do, you don’t have to get too fancy or detailed.

Once the trunk has been created, use the craft glue to glue the green hands to the top. You want to branch them out so they look like a nice and full tree.

Use the markers to start writing on the tree branches the various members of the family. Start at the top of the tree with the child’s name, then under it add the name of parents. Branch off further to create the names of siblings, then aunts and uncles, and then grandparents.

Everyone’s family tree will look different. Stress this idea with kids as they create their own family tree. Talk about the various family members as you add them to the tree.

When you are done, you can display your family tree craft for kids for all to see. It is a great way to remember who your family consists of and what makes our families unique.

Enjoy the book Who’s in My Family? with your child, then give this easy family tree craft for kids a try.

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