Fall Leaf DIY Window Clings

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My kids love the book Leaf Man and it has been a wonderful source of inspiration for crafts and activities during the fall months. A couple of weeks ago we made our own Leaf Critters with leaves and other natural items we gathered from the yard. This week we used the book as inspiration to create DIY Leaf Fall Window Clings to bring a little bit of fun and color to our windows.

DIY Leaf Window Clings

Leaf Man displays beautiful and creative ways to look at leaves on their own or together as they form amazing creatures. Since then we have been unable to walk past leaves without imagining the possibilities within in them!

You will need:

  • Craft/school glue
  • Dish soap
  • Paint brushes
  • Plastic lunch bags
  • Black permanent marker
  • Plain white computer paper

Place 2 T. of craft glue into small bowls for each leaf color you would like to make, stir in 2 drops of dish soap, and food coloring until you reach your desired shade of each color. You can also use acrylic craft paint to get a little more intense color.

If you are using sandwich size bags you will want to cut paper into 4 equal pieces (4 ¼” x 5 ½”), otherwise you can slip the entire page into a gallon size zippered baggie.

Start by drawing leaf shapes onto each piece of paper, if you are not comfortable drawing them freehand you can find some by doing a search and then print them off .

Slip your leaf drawing pages into the bag and seal.

Using brushes of different sizes “paint” the colored glue over your leaf design, making it fairly thick. Allow to dry until it starts to become tacky and add a little more if needed. For toddlers you can just let them paint random blobs and then cut into leaf shapes for them afterwards.

Allow to dry overnight for best results.

Trim any excess glue that has wandered outside of the template area.

Carefully peel window clings off the bag.

Now your fall window clings are ready to be played with and used to decorate your windows!

Leaf turkey anyone?

They can also be applied to mirrors or another way to extend the play is to give your child an inexpensive frame and let them apply them to the glass over and over ( I tucked a pretty piece of solid paper where the photo would go). This is a great quiet time or morning activity for little ones to keep their hands busy.

How fun to scatter the leaves across the window, just the way they blow through the book!

When fall is over pack your clings up, separating them with waxed paper and placing in a zippered lunch bag for storage. Keep in a cool place, stored in the heat they will likely melt.


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