Fall Bubble Wrap Apple Craft

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These bubble wrap stamped apples are a fun craft to celebrate the fall season and back to school. You can pair this craft with your favorite books about apples, and proudly display your creations when done! All you need is a little leftover bubble wrap and paint. Here is how you can get started creating your own!

Simple Bubble Wrap Stamped Apple Craft

bubble wrap
craft paper
paint brush
red craft paint

If you don’t have any bubble wrap on hand, most dollar stores sell it in the stationary aisle. Actually, you can probably find all of these craft supplies at the dollar store! 

Begin by cutting the apple shape out of your bubble wrap. A simple round circle shape will do. There is no need for it to be perfectly even.

We loved these Woolly Caterpillars!

Brush some red craft paint on the bubble side of the bubble wrap. If you wish, you can even use your fingers for an extra fun sensory experience.

Once the paint is evenly applied, turn the bubble wrap over and press it to the scrap paper. The stamp will show best on white paper.

Lift the bubble wrap and reveal the shape beneath it. You should have a nice red apple shape!

This Cherry Blossom Craft also uses paint and bubble wrap!

Allow to dry, then use your crayons to create a stem and leaves on the apple.

Your bubble wrap stamped apples are now ready to be displayed. Just think you could also try making apples in yellow and green!

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