Exciting Time Capsule Ideas For Families

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A time capsule is a fantastic way to freeze time in your family’s life. You can use it to mark a wedding, anniversary, birth, the new year, or do it just because.

Once you have decided that you want to create and bury a time capsule you need to come up with some items that will really show how your life and life in the world, in general, were from that slice of time.  

I have rounded up 15 ideas for you to get you started and help fill your family time capsule!

Time Capsule Ideas

First, decide how long you want to wait to open your time capsule- 5 years? 10 years? 50? Be sure to save a photo and precise directions to where it is hidden so that you don’t forget! 

Next, you will want to decide what to put in your time capsule that really showcases your family and the world around you.

Photographs- Photos are a great place to start with a time capsule. They can show fashions from that year, hairstyles, special events that took place, and more. What kind of photos might you include?

  • A family portrait
  • A picture of a new baby
  • A wedding that took place that year
  • A photo of your home
  • Your child’s school photo

Videos-A video also makes a good keepsake item (hopefully sd cards and/or dvds will still be around then). Take a video of each family member talking about their life currently and hopes for the future.

Newspapers- Its a good idea to include a newspaper or two to give a timeline of events from this period. Use the front page with some big headlines that give your future selves a real glimpse into past current events.

Clothing- particularly if there is some wild fad can be a great add to the box. I wish I had some of those cool leg warmers and neon jelly shoes from the 80’s now, my kids don’t believe me.

Letters- A letter to your future self- have each person write a letter telling about their present self to their future self. You can also have others write letters to your baby, but addressed to them at the age they will be when you plan to open the box.

Here are a few great time capsules to store your treasures in…

This pretty Stainless Steel Waterproof Time Capsule is a great way to capture a special time in your life like a wedding, the birth of a child, or a special anniversary.

Keep your memories locked up tight until you are ready to reveal memories and mementos from time gone by with an Airproof Water Tight Time Capsule.


Baby’s Time Capsule captures your baby’s birth, can you imagine pulling it out when they are 10, 18, or 25 and enjoying sweet mementos of those days?

If you don’t want to bury or lock up your time capsule how about just creating one scrapbook fashion and putting it away on a back shelf for 10 years or so? This Smash Time Capsule Kit is perfect!

You could also create a typical time capsule and store it in the attic or storage shed as well. As long as it isn’t lost or opened before it’s time! That is the whole point.

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More Time Capsule Ideas

These time capsule questionnaires will make it easy to include fun and important information from each of your family members.

A shorter version of a time capsule, lasting only one school year! This also is a good idea to put the time capsule in a mason jar!

This paint can time capsule is decorated with more about the time before it was buried. I think this is a great idea!

This time capsule may not be able to be buried, but it will still serve the same purpose. Kids can still hide their treasures for years to come.

Another fun idea is to create a character time capsule. Throwing things in that describe you. How fun will it be to see how you have changed.

You can write any letter you would like to put into the time capsule, but this How To helps ensure that you include everything you may want to!

The end of a school year or calendar year are both great times to create a time capsule. Really, though, any time of the year is a great time to make and store a time capsule.

What will you put in your time capsule?

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