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Are you feeling overwhelmed with your interests in essential oils? Not sure where to start? Love the thought of using essential oils but you are afraid to start because let’s face it, essential oils are potent and you don’t want to hurt yourself or your family. This is the perfect class for you!

I break things down and give you some hand holding and try to explain things as best I can.

Essential oils are not new to me  and I have been a casual user for many years. I however am not an expert, but can share what I have learnt with you over these years.

There are so many essential oils!

There is an oil for this and an oil for that.

HOW do I diffuse it?

HOW do I apply it to my skin?

Is it really safe to ingest!?

WHAT makes these guys better than those guys and why can’t I just buy it at the grocery store?

I came up with a solution just for YOU!

I now offer a class for the newest of new essential users. My goal is to provide you with valuable information on essential oils to get you started confidently on the right track.

During the week long class I will be sharing a few interesting topics, general knowledge and uses for your oils. The oils I have picked to feature in these classes are called “everyday” essential oils.

There is NO OBLIGATION to sign up. I am simply sharing what I know. Come along and learn.

This class is now delivered via email. Currently being updated! Please check back soon.





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