How to Make Edible Paint

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Kids love to finger paint, but if you have little ones who still like to taste things you might be hesitant. The good news is you can make your own edible paint, and in just minutes have kids making colorful creations.

Making Edible Paint for Kids

Here is how to make your own easy edible finger paint with just two ingredients! Getting creative has never been so easy, or tasty!

Here is what you will need:

vanilla pudding (you can use sugar or fat free if you wish)
gel food coloring
cupcake liners or small bowls
white craft paper

Gel seems to create a brighter hue of color, however you are more than welcome to use regular liquid food coloring. Choose any colors you wish, and feel free to mix colors in order to create various hues.

Edible paint directions:

Begin by placing a spoonful of vanilla pudding in each cupcake cup or small bowl.

Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup. Just one or two drops will do. Add more or less depending on your needs.

Take a spoon and stir each of the cups well so that the coloring mixes evenly.

Give your child the edible paints. They can then use their fingers to dip into the paint and start creating!

Use thicker white craft paper to make your designs. It seems to hold the paint better and doesn’t allow it to leak through as easily.

Once you are done painting, allow the edible paint to dry. This may take an hour or so.

If you wish, you can give children paint brushes or straws to use with the paint as well.

Remember, if they lick the paint, they will certainly enjoy it! This edible paint is safe to eat, and easy to clean up. To clean up little hands just use baby wipes or soap and water. You will find that this edible paint washes away well.

Gather your supplies and give this easy edible paint craft for kids a try. They are sure to love making colorful creations all while stealing a taste of their paint.

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