Easy Toddler Fall Sensory Bin Idea

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I just love the colors of fall, all those orange, yellow and reds! Today my toddler was looking for something different to do so I pulled out a few leaves and some acorns for her sensory bin.

Materials needed for a fall leaf sensory bin:

  • Leaves!
  • Acorns / other objects
  • Sensory bin
  • Extra container to sort in

My little one was most pleased with her colorful sensory bin! At 23 months old she loves to pack stuff into any available container. This was right up her alley.

First I showed her the acorns then put them into the sensory bin full of leaves. She was very curious as to what was happening! THEN she went digging to return them to the sorting container.

More digging in the leaves for acorns.

Word of warning 🙂 Leaves will escape. lol

She removed half the leaves to find the acorns easier.

I also took a little video! I love action shots 😀

Our fall sensory leaf bin for toddlers:

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