Easy Orange Peel Bird Feeder Craft

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Come spring, birds will be doing their best to find food to fuel them! While birds can find seeds and berries in nature, it is always nice to give them a helping hand. This easy orange peel bird feeder craft is an easy way to feed the birds using supplies you have in your own kitchen.

Look below at how to make your own orange peel bird feeder, so you can give those birds the nutrient rich boost they need to survive the season!

A DIY Bird Feeder Kids Can Make

You actually don’t need too many supplies and it can be made pretty quickly also. It’s a great project for kids of all ages.

  • an orange
  • spoon
  • knife (These Kid Safe Knives Actually Work!)
  • birdseed
  • String or yarn

Begin by cutting the orange in half. This step is best done by an adult. Set your two halves aside.

Take each half and use a spoon to scoop out the insides. If you wish, you can juice the orange first (and enjoy the juice of course!) then remove the pulpy skin.

Use a pencil or toothpick to poke two holes into the rim of the peel. Poke the holes on opposite sides of each other. Place holes about ¼ of a way down the peel so your yarn will have plenty to hold onto.

String the yarn through the holes and create a knot. Again, make the knots sturdy!

Fill the orange peel with bird seed. Use a bird seed that is ideal for the birds in your region.

Join the strings at the top and tie them. Hang the orange peel bird feeder on a hanger or branch where birds seem to flock!

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You can fill your orange peel bird feeder as needed. Don’t be surprised if the squirrels jump in too! In fact, they might haul the peel away.

Grab an orange and some seed and give this orange peel bird feeder a try! It is a fun way to welcome spring and the birds!

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