Easter Games Kids Will Love

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Whether it be for a party, the classroom or at home fun, lots of great Easter games are available to celebrate this time of year. Here’s a look at some.

Fun Easter Games and Activities

There are some great themed games that are perfect for this time of year. While some of the following are available for purchase, others can be made at home or in the classroom along with the kids. Either way, children will have fun playing them.

If looking to buy an Easter-themed card game, Easter Bunny Go Fish is actually three games in one and includes Go Fish, Old Maid and Slap Jack.

If you want a mess free way to decorate eggs then this Egg Decorating Spinner is the way to go. It makes egg decorating so easy, with very little (never say never😀)possibility of a mess. The cleanup is simply putting lids on markers.

Rather than buying games, many people prefer to make them themselves.

Easter Games for Kids

Let kids create their own cards for a memory game. All that is needed are blank index cards and crayons. Have children draw holiday pictures on the index cards. Be sure they draw two of each picture so they can be matched up during the game. If the children are too young to draw, have an adult draw outlines of an egg on all of the cards. Then children can color in the eggs, but make sure they color in two of each color.

When finished, turn off the cards over and line them up in rows. Kids can pick two cards of the time. If they match, the child can keep them. Otherwise, turn them back over and the next child takes a turn. The winner is the player who has the most matched sets at the end.

Make Silly Easter Eggs with your dyed Easter eggs.

Another game that kids can help make is a variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Have an adult draw the outline of the Easter Bunny on a large piece of poster paper. Kids can draw in the bunny’s features and color in pink for his ears. Next, children can draw in grass, flowers and colorful eggs. They can also use holiday stickers to help decorate.

Gather up some cotton balls and put a piece of doubled sided tape onto each of the cotton balls. Be sure to have a blindfold handy and kids are now ready to play pin the tail on the Easter Bunny.

Kids’ Easter Games

A tried and true game is an old-fashioned egg and spoon race. Have kids line up on a starting line. Give each racer a teaspoon and place an egg (raw, hard boiled or plastic) on each one. Kids need to keep their other arm behind their backs. As soon as they hear the word go, they can go as quickly as they can to the finish line. If anyone drops an egg, that individual has to go back to the starting line and start again.

Kids love holidays and playing games can make them even more fun. Families can play them together and teachers can use them for Easter parties. There are a lot of other great things kids can do for this holiday. 

Check out this Easter Printable Pack.

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