Easter Egg Hunt Printable Game

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My daughter has been obsessed with Easter Egg hunts since she was old enough to understand how to play. Even after the holiday was over, she would ask me to rehide the eggs for at least a couple of weeks. Even without candy or toys inside the eggs, she still wanted to find them. This is the inspiration behind this Printable Easter Egg Hunt Game!

Easter Egg Hunt

This printable Easter egg hunt game makes it super easy to create a fun Easter game for your kids in no time. Once you prep it, you can use it over and over. This set includes sheets with colorful eggs on them and multiple Easter basket mats with different choices of colored bows.

Supplies Needed:


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There are a few different ways that you can set up this activity for your kids or even your students. The first way is to cut out the eggs and laminate them, as well as the Easter basket page. Each child will get an Easter basket page.

Option 1: Easy – Color Sorting Easter Egg Hunting 

Arrange the basket printable and easter egg cut out on the table (or around the room). Ask your child to sort the easter eggs into the basket with the matching colored ribbon. 


Option 2: Average – Color Sorting Egg Hunting Game 

Give each player 1 basket printable and arrange the easter egg cutouts in the middle of the table. Use the colored dots below the easter egg cut-out printable to make a colored dice by taping 1 colored dot on each side of the dice. Have each player take turns rolling the dice and then put that color of easter egg in their basket.

Option 3: Difficult – Counting Egg Hunting Game 

Give each player 1 basket printable and arrange the easter egg cutouts in the middle of the table. Using a dice, each player will take their turn rolling the dice and put that number of easter eggs in their basket. The first person to fill their basket with a certain number of easter eggs wins.

Another idea is to hide all of the colored eggs around the room. Lay out all of the baskets and ask children to sort the eggs that they find to match the bows on the basket.


While this is a fun game, this also has benefits. Children will strengthen their scanning skills. This is beneficial for identifying differences but will also help with reading skills.

This is also fantastic for helping with color recognition skills, as well as counting.

If you choose to go the sorting route of the game, sorting skills are necessary. Practicing sorting skills will teach your kids to notice similarities and differences, learn to categorize, and develop early literacy and numeracy skills.

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