Dolch Sight Word Tracing Printables

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Are you working with your Kindergartner on sight words? Learning how to speak and read them is important, but writing them is also important. This sight word tracing set will help with all of the above! This is an all encompassing printable set to help you teach sight words to your little one!

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Dolch Sight Word Theme

This Dolch Sight Word Activity has a subtle weather theme and is perfect for anytime of the year.

Another fantastic aspect is that there is almost no prep time! After you print the pages, you can just hand it to your kids and they can start to work!

So what is this set going to help with? There are 40 different words included. They are all from the pre-primer list.

The first page of the set has a list where children can read the word. This is a great page for kids to keep in their literacy notebooks or to hang on the wall for reference. You can also print this page out again and cut up the words. Then you can put them on notecards for practice.

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The following pages are tracing pages. The words are written with dotted lines. So kids can view the word, but they must follow the lines to complete the letters. Kids can trace each of the sight words. This is absolutely wonderful for all children, but especially ones who have difficulty holding a pencil or knowing how to form each letter. Prewriting activities are important because they teach children the different parts that go into writing.

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At the bottom of the last page, there is a blank star that kids can color in when they complete the whole sight word set. This is a great accomplishment and they should celebrate completing the set.

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