DIY Taste Safe Glitter and Rainbow Playdough

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Welcome to this months sensory dough! Since the start of last year we have been doing taste safe alternatives to sensory doughs as best as we can. This months challenge was to create a sparkly dough. Catch up on all our taste safe sensory doughs.

Now the first thing I thought of was glitter, I am not a fan of glitter, it gets everywhere including on the baby who was no where near the stuff!

My thoughts then roamed to everyday household items that I could use to create a taste safe glittery type effect with.

First up you are going to need some playdough. I made a new batch just for this project as I had not made any for some time and since we have been doing a mainly rainbow themed things the last few weeks the playdough became rainbow playdough.

I love the cooked recipe for playdough but if you don’t, try my other no cook playdough recipe instead.

To make the DIY taste safe glitter you are going to need white granulated sugar. YES SUGAR! Add a few tablespoons to a bowl and a few drops of food coloring and mix. I used my fingers.

Now leave the color sugar to dry out overnight or place on wax paper and into a hot oven for a minute or two. If you do the oven method you really have to watch it else it will burn!

Set up your play area! Each child got some rainbow playdough balls to play with and the taste safe glitter was put into a muffin tin in the center.

If you are a follower of my blog you will know that I use these activity trays very often for a number of reasons! (containment, kids fighting and various other benefits)

The kids rather enjoyed this sparkly activity. There was much sprinkling and rolling.

Making a rainbow in progress. Yes I know the red is in the wrong place but he got the other colors right so progress!

Look at those sugar crystals sparkling! 

The completed rainbow. It looks rather pretty!

My 4 year old was more interested in the sugar glitter than playdough so I spread it out for him to explore (and taste, sigh).

Mixing it with fingers makes beautiful color swirls.

It is also great to just feel and run through the fingers.

Well mixed up it is even so pretty! Here we rolled a ball of mixed playdough in the sugar glitter, it is still gorgeous.

Conclusion: This months experiment to make a taste safe alternative to glitter was a success! There is however one downside to using sugar as a substitute. You can’t store the playdough once it is mixed with the sugar glitter because the playdough makes the sugar become sticky.

As a once off play and explore this is great and a stand alone explore with the glitter sugar it is also perfect. Catch up on all our taste safe sensory doughs.

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