DIY Snow Globe – Homemade and Unique

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This DIY Snow Globe is just so much fun! My 6 year old has been asking me lately when it is going to snow, unfortunately we don’t live in a snow zone, we actually live on the equator so there is like zero chance of it happening. To bring a bit of snow into our christmas I put together this little diy snow globe with two of my kids for them to enjoy.

How to make a homemade DIY Snow Globe

You will need:

  • A jar of some sort. – Now any jar will do just remember that it has to fit the items you want to put into it!
  • Some items to include inside your jar – trees, figurines etc. Just remember they have to be waterproof! so Plastic and ceramic things do best.
  • Optional beads and a pom pom if you want to make one like mine!
  • Hot glue gun and a toothpick
  • Glitter! I used silver.

Step 1: add the items to your lid to see if they will all fit, then put the glass jar over them.

Step 2: Prep your items if you need to. For mine I hot glued the pom pom on top for the star and the beads on the tree branches for decor.

I used the toothpick to get those beads on!

Step 3: Glue your items to the lid and let set / dry.

Step 4: Add water to your glass jar to test how the water level will sit when your items are added. Do NOT add the glitter yet! Once you have some water in close the lid and turn your jar upside down. I had to add more water a few times before I was happy with the air bubble.

Step 5: Open your jar and ADD a generous sprinkle or 3 of glitter for your DIY Snow Globe!

Step 6: Dry the inner area on the lid and the outer area of the jar with a cloth. Apply some hot glue to the inner area of the lid where it meets the jar. Be quick about screwing the lid on as hot glue cools very fast! You can alternatively use another glue if you are worried about it.

Step 7: Let it sit the right way up for a bit so the glue can set. This is minutes for hot glue! Turn your jar the wrong way around and tadaa! you have a DIY SNOW GLOBE!

Go on, give it a shake!

I also love that from the top you can see our “star”. I think this DIY snow globe came out great and being homemade it has some great personal touches too.

My 6 year old was most pleased with his homemade DIY Snow Globe!!

Our Snow globe was inspired by Christmas Crafts: How To Make A Snow Globe

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