DIY Rest and Relax Herbal Tea

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Certain herbs have special medicinal properties that sooth nerves, calm the mind, and reduce stress. After a night of little sleep or at the end of a hectic day I love turning to my trusty teapot and filling it with a relaxing herbal tea blend to help me recover.

DIY Rest and Relax Tea Blend

In a 1:1:1/2 ratio mix the following,

Lemon Balm – a soothing herb for the digestive and nervous system, calms the mind and supports memory and cognitive function.

Chamomile – a cure-all type of plant offers assistance in calming the mind and alleviating tension. It also acts as a mild sedative promoting good sleep and peaceful mood.

Lavender – the aromatic flowers reduce anxiety, calm the mind and body and produce overall well-being.

Steep for 15 minutes in hot water. This tea is also suitable cold. It has a wonderful delicate, sweet taste.

Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite source of bulk organic herbs. They offer some really great pre-made blends as well. I love experimenting with new flavors and discovering new herbs, these mixes are a wonderful way to experiment without ending up with a yucky result.

I recommend these pre-made blends when you are in the mood to relax and recharge.

21st Century Tea – made specifically to mediate the stress and detoxify from our modern world.

Evening Repose Tea – similar to my own blend but adds the zest of various mints.

Peace Tea – comprised of gentle and calming nervine herbs that support a peaceful outlook.

Read more about the medicinal benefits of tea and other DIY herbal tea blends of this series!

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