DIY Recycled Toilet Paper Tube Dolls

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Toilet paper tubes are a never-ending supply of fun, I love finding new ways to use them! I didn’t know where we would end up when I first pulled them out of my stash of recycling, these dolls are a result of playful exploration.

I brought out a little craft box of felt and yarn and let the play unfold. Do you know the story When You Give a Mouse a Cookie? It’s going to want a glass of milk…then a straw…then a napkin…then a fill-in-the-blank. Our morning went sort of like that. One by one, I brought new crafty accessories until we had a nice selection to build our little people.

My little blossom enjoyed picking out the materials, cutting, and helping to place them on the rolls.

We made friends in pairs of a man and lady and talked about activities they might like to do.

Things you need to make DIY Recycled Toilet Paper Tube Dolls:

  • cardboard tubes – the more sizes the more possibilities
  • miscelaneous craft supplies: googly eyes, pipe cleaner, tissue paper, wrapping paper, pom-poms, glitter glue, confietti…anything that is glue-able (this giant jar has it all)
  • markers for older children to draw on the details of a face or outfit
  • one hot glue gun (this child safe glue gun is awesome!)
  • a playful imagination!

My daughter and I talked about hot glue gun safety; how and why we plug our gun into the outlet, how it works, and where it gets hot. Having a low-temperature kid-friendly glue gun really comes in handy when little hands want to contribute also. Generally, I find it easier to incorporate my Little Blossom into the making of a project rather than separately preparing something to present to her. Through this approach she has learned the appropriate ways to use and handle scissors, glue, hot water, permanent marker, food coloring, and paint from an early age.

Hope you enjoy the time with your child(ren)!

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