DIY Harvest Sensory Bin

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Fall is a wonderful time to take in all of the sights and sounds around you. You will experience cool air, crunchy leaves, sweet candy apples, and so much more. This DIY Harvest Sensory Bin for Kids is a great way to bring the all of the feels of fall right indoors.

Set up a Harvest Sensory Bin for Kids

A sensory bin is also a great way to develop those important fine motor skills, so take a look at our DIY Harvest Sensory Bin below and see how to make one for yourself!

Supplies needed:

large plastic bin or container
real and silk fall leaves
pine cones
mini pumpkins
candy corn (optional)
Indian corn or corn husks
scoops, spoons, tongs

You can find most of these items at your local Dollar Store or even your own backyard. When choosing a container, opt for one with a lid so you can easily cover the container when you are done playing and the items will stay safe.


Begin by adding your filler to the box. The filler you are using for this bin will be the leaves. Add an assortment of real fall leaves as well as fake. Both work nicely.

Add in the touchable objects such as the pine cones, corn, and mini pumpkins. There is no wrong way to add these, just toss them in.

Include items to manipulate the touchables with. This can include spoons, scoops, tongs, forks, or even a small shovel or hand rake.

To use your fall sensory bin, have children take the instruments and use to to stir, scoop, and move the items around. They will love scooping up the leaves, racking them, picking up the pumpkins, and enjoying all of the different feels like box has to offer.

When you are done, simply place all of the objects inside of the box and add a lid or cover with plastic wrap. This will keep all of the ingredients in and mess free.

A fall sensory bin is a great way to bring the feels of fall indoors. Give this easy activity a try with your child and see how much fun it can be.

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