DIY Easy Felt Board

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We are having more felt fun!


Can you believe that even after making a DIY no-sew felt playhouse, recycled toilet paper tube dollsand a felted dollhouse I still have felt left over? Slowly but surely I’m making a dent in my pile.

I had a felt board growing up and loved it! The construction of a felt board is really very simple.

How to make a DIY Easy Felt Board

  • Find an old cardboard box. Cut off the top flaps, one side panel, and the bottom. This leaves three side panels attached together. I chose one long and two short panels so that the board can fold up neatly.
  • Measure your felt strip so that it is long and wide enough to completely cover your cardboard, give approximately 2-4 inches on all sides to glue to the back.
  • With a hot glue gun, carefully apply glue on all edges.
  • Wait for it to cool and… TA-DA!
  • Cut whatever felt shapes tickle your fancy – abc, animals, flowers, geometric shapes, eyes, noses and lips…

TIPS: I always recommend a low-temperature glue gun whenever working around kids given the fact that it is likely they will want to either touch or help you with the gluing. Alternatively, you can use felt glue and avoid the hot issue all together. Lastly, a pair of sharp fabric scissors will come in handy with all this cutting!

Now for the fun part – your felt pieces!

I cut alphabet letters from each color. We have a few store-bought alphabets but they never have enough letters to spell my daughter’s name (she has three As). Here is my solution! Now we will never be limited. There is so much to do with these! I like that A can pick them up and feel the letters in three dimensions. We spell, match letters, and match colors. She also likes looking at books and putting the felt letters into the pages with corresponding letters.

Warning – Proceed with caution: there is a big pile, it is easy for them to get spread around the house. This may result in finding felt letters in miscellaneous places.

I also did some geometric shapes. I originally put them together as flowers, stars, and people.

These pieces were great for free pattern making – I actually liked that even more!

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