DIY Christmas Stockings – No Sew

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How to make a DIY Christmas stocking? Making our own Christmas stockings has really been fun and the kids love pulling out their special stockings when we set up the tree.

These stockings are easy to make! Let me show you how 😉

Supplies for making DIY Christmas Stockings:

  • Felt. Lots of felt in all sorts of colors that you want to use.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Various embellishments such as sparkly pom poms, small beads, ribbons, yarn, googly eyes, normal pom poms etc.

First you need to decide what size your stocking is going to be then make it a bit bigger to allow for the seams you will be glueing. Cut it in a boot shape.

Hot glue the stocking together section by section because hot glue gets cold very fast so it is better to do a bit at a time.

Make all your stockings you aim to make and turn them the right way around when the glue is set.

Now there are a few trimmings you can add to these stockings. First is the white rimed stocking. Turn your stocking inside out. Cut a a strip of white felt for the trimming, bigger then the circumference of the stocking. Hot glue it at the top seam all around. Trim the excess white felt and then hot glue it down the side over lapping the two edges. 

(I took these after decorating to better demonstrate)

As shown in the image below you can see the seam of the joining.

Turn your stocking the right way around and add the hanging tag. It is simply a thin band of felt folded in on itself and hot glued down.

Press the seams down to make it stay neat. I run my hands over them a few times and it seems to do the trick.

Now for the decorating! For the names on the stockings open a word document of any other program that allows you to type and print from. Select a bold font such as impact and type in caps the name for your stocking. Make sure to fill the page with the font size!

I use a glue stick to temporarily hold the paper to the felt while I cut so it doesn’t slide around.

Hot glue the name to your stocking once you have positioned it in a place you like.

Decorating the stocking is totally up to you! On the red stocking I made a snowman. I free hand cut the 2 circles for the body and a hat. The snow is white pom poms and the accessories are bits of various felt. The eyes are googly eyes. These are all hot glued down.

(We had a littler of kittens that year, the poor tree)

I have shared my templates for the other stockings which I made to cut them out myself. They exclude the snowman which I free hand cut.

Download the templates here.

Take a closer look

I have posted a picture of each stocking below and made any extra comments on how it was made.

The red stocking was the only stocking that I made a broad white trimming on. It really suited that color.

For this blue stocking, I used the star template provided. The top of this stocking is turned over an inch on the inside and hot glued down to provide a nice edge. The tab to hang from is attached the same as the red stocking and the rest of the stockings.

My 4-year-old is a cat fan so I made a lovely cat-related stocking for her. I cut half a Christmas tree and added a sparkly pom pom on top for the star and decorated it with small shiny beads. The cat is in the template files with the hat. The pink yarn ball is simply a length of yarn done round and around to resemble a ball of yarn. This was all glued down with hot glue.

TIP: Use toothpicks when working with fine items and hot glue. Burning our fingers on that glue gun is not pretty. My glue gun has a low setting but it’s still hot!

The purple stocking has a band of white felt around it with random bumps. I did these myself by wiggling the scissors when cutting. 😉 Once again hot glued down and the edge at the top was turned over. The little gingerbread girl was decorated with a loop of sequins and given sparkly pom pom buttons and googly eyes plus a ribbon on her head.

Mom needs a stocking too right? I couldn’t decide on a color for myself but I knew I wanted this tree on it. What better way to show off the tree than to add it on a grey backing. The tree template is in the files. I simply cut along the lines of the tree template and separated them.

The beads were a bit of a mission until i found that adding the drop of hot glue to the tree then using a toothpick to attach the bead worked out perfectly. The star can be also found in the template file it’s the smallest one.

Dad’s stocking took a lot of thought and I eventually settled for a reindeer-type figure with white poms poms for snow.


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