DIY Bumble Bee Watering Station

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Sometimes, the bees need our help. Finding fresh water isn’t always easy, so putting out a bee watering station can help. You don’t need to buy anything fancy, in fact you can create your bee waterer with a few simple household supplies. Look below at how to make a DIY bumble bee watering station, and see how easy it can be to help the bees.

Watering Station For Bumble Bees

There may be other ways to make a watering station for bees, but these are the simple supplies that we used. All of these can be found at the dollar store or by clicking on each link.

terra cotta flower pot and saucer
hot glue or super adhesive
glass crafting stones
optional: paint and paint brushes

When choosing a flower pot size choose something smaller. A one inch pot is ideal for your bee waterer.

Begin by decorating the terra cotta pieces as you wish. If you do choose to paint the terra cotta, leave the inside of the saucer unpainted.

These Bumble Bee Watering Station would be great with some of these DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids!

Turn the pot over so the mouth of it is facing down. Apply a generous amount of hot glue or adhesive to the flat surface of the pot.

Press the saucer to the adhesive and hold in place until secure. You don’t want the saucer to slip off while the bees are using it.

Place the glass stones in the saucer. You want them to cover the saucer.

Add some water over the stones. The idea is to allow the bees to drink while having stones to sit on, so don’t let the water rise above the stones.

Now all you need to do is place the bee watering tray in a shady place where flowers are present. Consider placing the feeder around bee balm or lavender where bees tend to flock.

The bees will enjoy your hospitality on a hot day where little fresh water can be found! Enjoy watching them come to drink and rest.

Give your own DIY bee water feeder a try and see how fun and easy it can be to help the bees. 

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