Dinosaur Memory Game Printable

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Memory games have been one of my favorite types of games since I was young. I enjoyed playing them as a child and still enjoy playing with them with my own children. They are not only fun but they are excellent for strengthening a variety of skills that are important for children! This dinosaur memory game. This printable includes multiple kinds of dinosaurs with easy to distinguish cards. Children of all ages will love playing!

Dinosaur Memory Game

Memory games help encourage children to improve their short term memory. That is the purpose of the game, to try and remember where the matches are.

These games can also help children strengthen their ability to pay attention to detail, sort & classify items, and spot the differences between two differences.

All of this is amazing, to fit into one game, but it is the cherry on top of the fact that memory games are FUN!

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To prepare this game for your kids, you’ll only need a few things.


First, the game needs to be printed and cut.
You can play from this point, but I would suggest laminating the cards. This will prevent the cards from being bent or ripped, which as we know it can easily happen with little kids!

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Now it’s time to play!
Shuffle the cards and put them out on a surface facing down in even rows. For instance, 4 by 4 or 5 by 5.

The children are only allowed to turn over 2 cards at a time. Thegoal is to remember where the cards are that were previously turnedover. Hence the name memory game!

Once you find a matching pair leave them face up and move on to the next two.

We often talk about the picture on the memory cards.
When matches are found, we talk about why they are similar. If two cards are turned over that don’t match, we talk about why they are not the same.

This game is the perfect companion to any dinosaur theme week and other dinosaur games or activities.

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