Dinosaur Learning Activities

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Do your kids like dinosaurs? Mine love them! Considering they are something that none of us have actually ever seen, they are super popular! I don’t blame anyone, they are fascinating. That is why I love using dinosaurs as a theme for learning activities. Children tend to learn better and be more receptive to learning activities when the theme is something they like. 

Dinosaur Learning Activities 

This dinosaur activity pack starts out with a picture where kids can trace all of the parts. There are trees, land, plants and a variety of dinosaurs. They can then color the picture. 

Next is a matching activity. The point is for kids to count the number of dinosaurs and then match to the dinosaur that contains the correct number. 

We also love this Dinosaur Matching Game!

Other Activities

We also have a color identification activity. Children will read the color word that is in the hatching dinosaur egg. Once identified, they will color the hatching egg that color. 

Then we have a dinosaur dot to dot. Kids can finish the drawing and color it in. 

Next we have another hatching egg, but this time it is letter matching. Kids will identify the letter on the dinosaur and color in the spots on the egg that contain the correct letter. 

Next is an I Spy type. There are a variety of different dinosaurs, they will identify the like ones and record the number of that dinosaur. 

Lastly, there is a maze. This is a traditional maze, they will start at the beginning and follow along to get to the end. 

The supplies that you will need for this is either crayons or colored pencils. 

Working on Numbers too? Check out this Dinosaur Hundreds Chart.

These activities all seem fun and full of dinosaurs, but there is also a ton of opportunity for learning. Children will be practicing counting, letter recognition, coloring and more. Creativity, fine motor skills and prewriting are strengthened as well. 

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