Dinosaur Fine Motor Activity

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Do you have dino lovers, like I do, in your house? I keep seeing articles on social media that states that children playing with dinosaurs is actually very beneficial for them. I’m not sure how accurate the articles are or how playing with dinosaurs differs from animals, but it’s great fun! They are exciting creatures. It is fun to watch all the different ways that my kids play with them. I recently taught them this new fine motor activity and they went nuts over it!

Dino Fine Motor Fun

Finding simple ways to use toys, that we already own, in different ways is one of my favorite things to think about. I try so hard to make use of the toys that are already in toy boxes, not only to save money but to keep the toys we have continually interesting for my kids.

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This particular dinosaur fine motor activity is so incredibly simple to prep and very beneficial for any child.

There are only a few supplies that you will need.

Dinosaur Toys
Loom Bands

Using small rubber bands, stretch them over your dinosaurs to connect the various parts of the dinosaur. You can go from head to tail, leg to leg, etc.

Keep in mind your child’s patience level and skill level when tangling up the dinosaur. This is a tricky activity! Add fewer bands for younger kids and more bands for older kids.

You can play a few different ways with this dinosaur fine motor game. You can ask children to add a certain number of bands on the dinosaur, a specific part of the dinosaur or the dinosaur itself.

The bands can be used as the two factors of an addition or subtraction problem. The bands can be used to help solve the specific problems.

You can also use the bands to explore colors and patterns.
Encourage your child to rescue the dinosaur by removing the bands. Challenge them to not break the bands!

** Important Note **
As these bands are small, carefully observe the activity and discard all use bands in the trash to keep small kids and pets safe. Cats especially like these and they can be dangerous, so throw them all away when finished!

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