Dinosaur Alphabet Cards and Matching Game

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Teaching children letter identification, recognition and classification is an important part of a child’s development. Learning and practicing can be done in a variety of ways but an exciting game like this Dinosaur Alphabet Cards and Matching Game is an exciting ones!

Fun Dinosaur Themed Alphabet Matching Game

Learning the alphabet is one of the most important skills that kids must learn. Knowing the alphabet is the key to a child’s potential to read and write. Without it, reading and writing will be extremely difficult if not impossible. Games like this Dinosaur Matching Game make learning the alphabet easy and engaging!

Another fantastic part of this game is that it is incredibly simple to prep. Once it is prepped, it’s ready to go for playing over and over! AND there are multiple ways to play so that boredom never sets in!

You will need


There are two different mats. One for consonants and one for vowels.
There are also two different sets of dinosaur egg letter cards, one set for uppercase and one for lowercase.

After printing the mats and the dinosaur egg letter cards, cut the cards apart.

I like to laminate each part to preserve the life of the activity. Kids and paper is not always the best.

There are two ways that this game can be played.

If your child loves dinosaurs, check out these Dinosaur Math Printable Busy Bags.

Pick upper or lowercase, or use both, and mix them up. Place the vowel and consonant mats in front of the child on the table. Turn the letter cards upside down and have the child pick one from the pile. When the letter card is picked up, have the child identify the letter. Then identify if it is a vowel or a consonant. Place that letter card on the corresponding mat.

Another way to play is as a matching game. Matching upper to lowercase letters. The matches can then be placed on the consonant or vowel mat.

Additionally, you could print off two sets of each letter cards and match them to themselves, versus upper and lower.

These games are perfect for preschool or kindergarten children. It can easily be played individually or as a small group as a centers activity. There are a number of possibilities.

Be sure to grab the dino math game that goes with this printable!

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