Delicious Summer Dinner Ideas & Recipes for Busy Moms

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The best summer dinner ideas should satisfy three main requirements. They should be easy to prepare, healthy and of course, tasty. Summer is when most children are out of school and busy moms and dads get to spend more time with their children during the day. Of course, that means that the time spent working on chores, running errands or doing work for a home based business will be cut. This is why it is essential to have recipes that require very little preparation time.

7 Delicious Summer Dinner Ideas

Get Kids Involved in Preparing Food – Kids like being a part of activities that make them feel as though they are learning and they enjoy gaining new skills, as long as it happens in a way that they can enjoy. Cooking together can provide you with an opportunity to bond with your children. Good summer dinner ideas also do not require you to spend too much time standing over a hot pot.

Feed Hungry Bellies with a Quick and Easy Chili Enchilada Bake
Children who are active burn lots of calories throughout the day and they get hungry fast. Meals that can be cooked quickly ensure that everyone can eat without having to wait for a long time. A chili enchilada bake can be made by using shredded chicken, black beans, Jack cheese and honey. Since this meal is baked you can put it in the oven and spend your time having fun with your kids if you choose. Make extra and you will be able to store some in your fridge for another meal.

Enjoy the Taste of India with Indian Nachos (Papri Chaat)
Indian nachos are easy to prepare and kids will enjoy the crispy ingredients in this meal. It is not heavy so it is perfect for a hot day and it includes mung beans, which are rich in magnesium. You can even grow your own sprouts for this dish at home and have fun teaching your kids a skill that they can use to cultivate their own food.

Entertain Friends and Family in a Jiffy with Spicy Bean Burritos
Bean burritos are really easy to make and are an ideal meal when you have unexpected guests. Monterey Jack cheese and salsa make this an excellent meal for the summer. Serve this with fresh tomatoes from your garden or get the best lettuce and other fresh summer vegetables from a farmer’s market or supermarket near you. The tortillas for this recipe can be warmed in your oven and the beans can be microwaved so you will not have to spend much time standing over a hot stove.

Keep Your Kitchen Cool with Turkey and Fig Onion Jam Panini
Panini made with turkey, fig jam and onion would be tasty by itself. Add sweet apples and brie and you’ll have a meal that will please the taste buds of both children and adults. Use Granny Smith apples in this recipe to get a tart taste that will complement the figs and cheese. Fresh sourdough bread will also do well in this recipe. This meal does not take long to prepare, the ingredients are all tasty and while it is filling, it is still fairly light on the calories. You will never have to worry about eating anything unhealthy after having these delicious sandwiches. Best of all, since you can do this in your panini maker, your kitchen will stay cool on the warmest days of summer.

Enjoy Seasonal Three Bean Salad with Sweet and Sour Turkey Meatballs
Children will enjoy helping you make a colorful three bean salad to go with your sweet and sour turkey meatballs. Toss pinto beans, black beans and kidney beans with your favorite seasonings. Also use fresh, organic vegetables like corn and sweet peppers from your local farmer’s market and enjoy the bounty of summer. This salad does not require any cooking and young children can add and toss the ingredients with you.

Summer dinner ideas such as sweet and sour turkey meatballs are low in fat. That’s good news for moms and dads who want to lose a few extra pounds over the summer in order to look their best on the beach. Turkey is a good alternative for people who are trying to avoid ground beef. Pineapple chunks in the sauce will bring the fruit flavors of summer to your table.

Do you have any summer dinner ideas or favorite meals for hot days?

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