Day Of The Week Spinner Game

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It is important for children to learn the days of the week. It’s a life skill that we all need to learn and understand. This can be done by writing them over and over, but why not with a super fun game? Kids will respond well to this Day Of The Week Spinner Game because they don’t realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun!

Day Of The Week Game

Prepping this game is super simple. There are small spinner circles and one large one. Print them out and cut the circles out. Once the are all cut, laminate them. This will ensure that the clothespins used will not bend up the paper. Grab some clothes pins, enough for each player to have 7 of them.

The last thing you need is to grab a fidget spinner, for the spinner on the main circle.

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This game is super simple to play.
Each player grabs a small spinner and 7 clothes pins.
Taking turns, the first player will spin. Whichever day they land on, they will clip that on their own circle. The next person takes their turn, does the same thing, and so on. This goes on until there is one person with a full circle. That person is the ‘winner’.

You can add more learning opportunities to this by having children read the day of the week out loud when they land on one. You could also ask them to spell it out. These are optional, but give extra opportunities for more learning.

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This game is perfect for a preschool morning tub or small group activity. It is also great for at home, in the car, or as a busy bag.

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