Day Of The Week Labels For Organization

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One thing I learned about kids toy & activities is that if I rotate them in and out, my kids will love them for much longer! Have you noticed this with your kids? So how do I make sure I rotate evenly? How do I make sure I don’t accidentally give the same activity too often? I have Day Of The Week Labels For Organization.

Day Of The Week Labels

These Day of The Week Labels are fantastic for organization as well as helping children learn the day of the week words. Having these labels displayed in a classroom or playroom is a great way to encourage children to learn the letter order and how the word looks.

These take literally moments to prepare. I just print and cut them, then laminate. Laminating is optional, but it’s necessary in my opinion with children around.

You can tape or hook these labels onto any type of bin. You could label your snack bins, sensory bins, math or literacy centers, etc.

Your kids will love this Emotions activity!

Whether you are using these in your home or in a classroom, these are incredibly helpful and easy to prep!

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My kids love this printable dinosaur board game!

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