Cutting Practice and Games with Gift Wrap

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Using gift wrap to do activities is a great way to recycle it! Not to mention all the cutting practice that’s included as a fine motor extension.

This week we used some leftover christmas wrapping paper to have a little fun with.

You will need:

Kid sized scissors (we use these)

Gift wrap with some kind of pattern on it

Cut out some of the items on the gift wrap. Our gift wrap had 3 colors of presents on it.

First my 6 year old cut out all the green ones and lined them up.

My 3 year old also loves to cut things, she went for the red presents. She has come a long way from not holding a scissors like it was a scissors!

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We also made rows of the colors. Here we counted 3 kinds of presents in 3 rows.

Having a few different items also makes for a great patterning activity. red, green and gold. what would come next? See how I set it out in the below image. 

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More awesome recycled gift wrap ideas!

Find some more awesome ideas on how to recycle and create with gift wrapping paper!

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