Cute Clay Bugs & Critters

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Our new challenge to do process art is in its 2nd month already! last month we dabbled with paint and dots which was great fun!

This months theme is clay and I have gone more for an invitation for play activity after my original idea flopped on me twice! But hey stuff happens, kids had fun getting messy even if we didn’t get a completed project at the end of the day.

Grab some modeling clay for this activity and whatever random things from your stash!!

You will also notice that the kids didn’t even use the googly eyes which I thought was totally weird.

Instead they opted for buttons and beads.

Here I am told is a snake.

This one is a bird. I totally see it. It is even sitting on the end of the tray like in a tree! 

Inspired a butterfly was made. It is totally gorgeous!! 

A lovely lady bug.

This one is a frog! on a button!!

We also made a worm, a cat and a dog.

It was great fun for the kids and we got to play with feathers and a brand new pack of pretty buttons.. I love buttons 🙂

See some more clay ideas here:

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Air Dry Clay and Colored String from Lalymom

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