Creative Play with Cardboard

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There is nothing like a good cardboard box activity!

This activity is super easy to replicate and can provide many minutes of activity and imagination! My kids spent the afternoon working on this one.

All you need is a cardboard box, some crayons and a few smaller toys to set the scene with. (cars, trains, farm animals)

Begin by opening up the box completely and laying it flat on a table or the floor.

You might have to start the activity with the younger children so they get the idea of what they could be doing. I drew a track for the train and a pumpkin field. This had the children eager to draw too and soon there was a duck pond and a grass patch for the farm animals.

The great thing about a train is that it can carry things. I added a fine motor twist to this idea and suggested that the train come to collect the pumpkins for the shops.

Now we needed a shop to deliver them to and next I know they had a shop waiting.

This activity may be simple but you are using things already around the house, recycling a box and encouraging those precious imaginations!

Have fun!

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