Creation: Land, Plants & Sea- No Sew Quiet Book for Toddlers

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Welcome to day 3: Land, plants and sea.

You might be noticing a pattern over here! Simple, easy and fun.

As with all the pages in this creation series the days creation is in letters on the left side.

Cut out your sea, land and some trees. I used velcro on the backs of the items to secure them to the page. Any velcro will do. I used velcro dots here but still used hot glue on the sides because although super sticky it doesn’t stay on the felt.

Every item on the page comes off and has velcro.

TOP TIP: Always make sure the same side of the velcro is on the page, this allows the child to switch the leaves about. 

I also finished the book completely yesterday so the kids were super excited to play with it! Little hands all over the place!

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