Create Silly Egg People With Dyed Easter Eggs

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There are so many fun ways to decorate eggs these days. Why not get creative this spring and craft your own egg people?

Just think of all the faces and features you could come up with! Look below at how we made our own silly egg people, and see if you aren’t inspired to make some of your own!

Creative Silly People Craft Using Hard Boiled Eggs

The supplies you need are nothing out of the ordinary. You may even have these in your home right now. 

  • hard boiled eggs
  • egg dye
  • yarn
  • markers
  • small flowers
  • craft glue
  • scissors

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Begin by dyeing your eggs the color of your choice. Choose colors that are lighter so you can still draw with markers over the colors and the marker will show.

Once the eggs are dry, you can add your faces. Use your marker to add eyes, a mouth, nose, and other facial features of your choice.

Yarn makes excellent hair! Use craft glue to attach the yarn to the top of the egg. Hold in place until dry and secure. You can then take scissors and trim to the desired length.

You can decorate the egg further by adding flowers to the hair, stickers, jewels, or other items of your choice. Use your craft glue to hold these items into place.

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Once all of your pieces are dry and secure, your silly egg people are ready to be displayed. They look even cuter if you arrange them in whole families!

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