Counting Apples on the Tree

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Today’s fine motor idea is all about counting apples!

Oh how my 3 year old loves apples. For good measure I have included 2 colors of apples so we could do a bit of color sorting practice.

There are 10 spots on the tree. 5 red and 5 green.

All that needs to be done is to move the apples from the bottom of the tree or pick the apples off the tree!

You can also see numbers through the apples so this made another little game of what number do you spy!

My 3 year old even turned the picture the other way around to get another perspective.

I also made another printable of just a normal tree and we did some free time playdough play. )Which is in my post on Pre-KPages today.)

Download the counting apple tree here.

Download the normal playdough tree here.

Both the apples and leaves are from the dollar tree store.

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