Counting and Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers

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My kids love using little manipulatives in our play ideas. A few weeks ago I made these awesome cards to encourage my toddler to sort color and to introduce counting in colors to her.

These are also great for younger preschoolers!

Counting and Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers

Each card has a color and the colors name written on it. Doing some word association here 😉

The cards have a circle on them and not a solid color. This leaves us a space to write in a dry erase pen a number and the line of the circle can also be used to line up the items placed on it.

I had some of these farm animal rainbow manipulatives so we used those. You can use the people set or any set of rainbow things you have laying around. Pom poms or paperclips even!

Print out your set of cards and laminate them for a more sturdier usage.

Download the Counting and Color Sorting SET here <<<—

I hope your kids enjoy these as much as mine did!

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