Cotton Candy Cloud Dough (Taste Safe)

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My kids LOVE cloud dough! They love to scoop it and mold it into all sorts of things. But I always seem to have one issue, they want to taste it too! I solved this problem last year by using taste safe ingredients to make my cloud dough and now I don’t worry as much when my little one puts a cloud dough covered finger in her mouth.

Of course being taste safe does NOT mean that it is edible. I tell the kids NO and discourage the tasting of things that are for play.

Today we made some cloud dough to resemble candy floss or cotton candy.

I love these color combos!

To make a candy swirl I used 3 main colors. Purple, Pink and Turquoise. I made double the purple because I wanted more of this color in here.

I originally wanted this cloud dough to resemble something like a galaxy cloud dough play. It still looks very cosmos / galaxy like but it was a little too light to pass for an entire play session. Using the black coloring does not work, I always seem to get a grey color even after using the entire pot of coloring!

Cotton Candy sounded a great idea though! so we added some sparkle with white sugar! A taste safe alternative to glitter for those kids who want to taste / eat it! See my rainbow taste safe glitter here!

aww! so pretty! The kids couldn’t wait to dive in!

Below we have my 6 year old scooping, the 3 year old poking and my 12 month old with her first try at cloud dough using the silicone muffin cups.

I love how soft cloud dough is! I  must say these are my favorite colors for sure!

The kids build little castles and walls and I think those muffin cups were a village of some sort.

My 12 month old finally gave up the muffin cups for a feel in the cloud dough. Then she tried to put her foot in it. lol

Even mixed this color combo is gorgeous.

Totally mouldable. Will also last for up to 4 weeks if you store it in a resealable plastic zip bag. I love to mix up the cloud dough adventures by make them fizzy sometimes! Check out how I do that here with a fizzy cloud dough recipe.

I think I went overboard with the images for this cloud dough adventure. oops. 😉

Cloud Dough Recipe

Get the recipe to make cloud dough here and also my secret to making the colors of my cloud dough so BRIGHT!

For this cotton candy cloud dough if you would like to add a scent please add a drop either vanilla extract or something taste safe like lavender to the oil before adding the flour. MMMMM

More variations on cloud dough check out my co-hosts ideas!

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