Pipe Cleaner Coral Reef Craft for Kids

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There is so much life taking place in a coral reef, and this is shown to readers in the book Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef by Marianne Berkes. In this text, readers can learn more about the secret world of coral reef lesson plans preschool, and get an up close and personal look at the life forms that reside there.

Make a Coral Reef Craft with Your Kids

Consider enjoying this book with your child, then give this easy pipe cleaner coral reef craft a try.

Supplies needed:

crafting foam
assorted pipe cleaners in various colors
craft glue

Use a variety of colors, since coral reefs have coral in a large range of hues. We used pipe cleaners from our local Dollar Store for this craft and you can too!


Begin by cutting the pipe cleaners into various sizes and lengths. You can do any kind of variety you wish, the more the better.

Take a few pipe cleaners and twist them around a pencil. Pull the pencil out leaving a spiral shape. Set aside.

You can also take pipe cleaners and roll them up like cinnamon roll, creating a swirl. Make several of these to add to the pipe cleaner coral reef.

Take your swirls first and add a dab of glue to the bottoms of them. Press them to the craft foam and hold them until dry and secure. Repeat, until the surface of the craft foam is covered.

Add in the spirals. Simply poke them into the craft foam so they are secure. You can add as many or as little as you wish, in any arrangement you wish. As you can see, we created small groupings.

Continue until your coral reef is nice and full and none of the crafting foam shows.

Once your pipe cleaner coral reef lesson plans preschool is created, you can talk about the colors and shapes that make up the reef. You can also discuss the creatures that might live in a reef such as the one you created.

Exploring the ocean is fun and interesting, and this pipe cleaner coral reef craft is a great way to understand it even further. Give this book a try, then follow up with this fun coral reef craft for kids to keep them even more interested!

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