Community Helper Flash Cards

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Is your child interested in Community Helpers? For instance, fire fighters, police officers, teachers or bakers?

These Community Helper Flash Cards can help them learn the various roles involved in community helpers. It will also lead to many great activities.

These flash cards are super easy to prep. Once you print them, cut them apart and then you can laminate if you wish.

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The helpers included in this set of flash cards include:
Fire Fighter
Zoo Keeper
Construction Worker
House Keeper

All of these positions are important for our community and a way for children to find out what interests them.

Ideas For Using These Community Helpers Flash Cards

You can use these flash cards in the traditional sense where you show the picture to your child and have them recite what the ‘job’ is called and what they do.

You can also use these flash cards to create a matching game. Mix up all of the flash cards, turn them face down and lay them on the table.

The players can take turns pulling up two cards. If they match, the player pulls them and puts them in a pile. If they don’t match, turn them back upside down and remember what was there.

Then it is the next person’s turn. This continues until all matches are made. The person with the most matches win.

Another use for these cards is to use them as inspiration for a writing or drawing prompt. Mix up the cards and ask the child to pick one. Depending on interest and skill, children can either write about or draw about the helper on that card.

Use the flash cards as inspiration for pretend play. Children LOVE pretending to be certain types of people with a variety of jobs.

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