Coloring Activities Kids Will Love

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Kids love to use their imagination and do crafts and coloring activities, so here are some simple and inexpensive ideas that will encourage kids to use their creativity. Your kids will have lots of fun making these crafts and then playing with them afterwards.

Coloring Activities That Kids Will Actually Enjoy

Kids’ Crafts – Paper Bag Bunny Puppets

Let yours kids design and create their own paper bag bunny puppets, then sit back and enjoy a puppet show. The items you will need for this craft are: paper lunch bags, glue (be sure to have non-toxic glue designed for use by kids – Elmer’s is a good option), plain paper and crayons.

Have your kids sit at the kitchen table or somewhere that can be easily cleaned up if a little glue spills. The paper bag will be the body of the puppet so you will turn it upside down so that your child’s hand will go up into the bag. Don’t open the bag completely; just leave one side of the bottom fold down to create the head of the bunny. 

On the plain piece of paper, draw bunny ears, bunny teeth and bunny whiskers. Using crayons, have your child color a bunny face on the bottom flap of the bag and then using child-safe scissors, cut out the ears, teeth and whiskers. Have your child glue the ears, teeth and whiskers onto the face of the bunny and let the glue dry. The rest of the bag will be the body so let your child be creative and color his bunny puppet any way he likes and then encourage him to put on a bunny puppet show for you.

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Paper Plate Puppets

Another fun way to make puppets is to use paper plates. Items needed for this craft include: paper plates, wooden Popsicle sticks, child-safe glue, crayons and plain paper. Have the children use their crayons to color a face on the paper plate and then decorate the paper plate with shapes they have colored and cut out from the plain paper. Glue the shapes on to the paper plate and glue the wooden Popsicle stick to the back of the paper plate. Once the glue is dry, your child can hold the stick and put on another puppet show for you.

Paper Flowers

Here is a fun way for your child to create a paper flower garden that will stay in bloom all year long. Items you will need for this craft are: paper coffee filters (basket style), crayons and colorful pipe cleaners and a small block of craft foam. Flatten the coffee filter out and have your child use her crayons to color them in any way she likes. Push one end of the pipe cleaner through the center of the filter and bend it to fold it over. Push the other end of the pipe cleaner in to the craft foam and keep making them until you have a flower garden.

Most of these items can be purchased very inexpensively from your local department store or craft store such as Michaels. These crafts are a great way to spend the afternoon with your kids, coloring, doing crafts and just plain having fun.

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