Colorful Circles Toy for Baby

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Babies love colorful and bold items to inspect! I made 2 versions of this color circle for my 7 month old as she gets a bit older she will start using these more and inspecting the more complex designs.

Right now she goes for the bold patterns.

But as she gets older these intricate one will start to come in.

Print the template provided at the bottom of these images (back to back to make them reversible!) and laminate the circles. Notice how I cut the areas to thread on the rings. Yes, I learnt the hard way. My previous set got drool in them because I cut the holes in the actual circles. Having a non interrupted laminate all around makes this a rather drool proof toy.

Move the desired items a bit further away to encourage crawling.

Just look at those little fine motor skills go!

I was rather surprised that she could already page these.

Also turn them over to inspect. 

See I told you they got drooled!


A very successful DIY toy and a win for mom!

Download the baby color circles here.

I used these rings.

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