Color Mixing Jars with Mouse Paint Book

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Color mixing is a great activity for a preschooler to explore after learning all their colors.

Below I have used a much loved book “Mouse Paint” and expanded on it with a printable and a few sheets of cellophane.

Although this activity is super simple in nature it is also great fun!

You will soon find that the kids once they have enjoyed the activity will take the jars and look at their surrounds through the color sheets. This is an extra color activity just waiting to happen! Look at objects in the immediate area to see if they change color while looking through one of the jars.

Materials for the color mixing jars:

  • The printable jars
  • Cellophane sheets in red, blue and yellow
  • Glue stick & scissors

Print out the template and cut out the jars, making a hole in the middle. Use 2 jar cut outs and glue a sheet of color cellophane in between them.

Depending on the cellophane you have you might have to double up on your yellow. It is best to do a color test before gluing everything together.

I have also included a little cut out mouse if you want to pair this activity with the actual book. They are super cute and because they are white they change color when put behind the jars.

The jars themselves depend on your light source if they are see through enough. If you have a darker room and no window I suggest getting a lamp in to use as a back light to truly see the color changes.

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