Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Kids

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One of the first signs of spring is the arrival of butterflies! They are so graceful, so colorful, and sure make being outdoors enjoyable.

Try making your own butterflies at home when you give this coffee filter butterfly craft a try! Using just a coffee filter and a few other supplies, you can have a whole flock of these beauties in no time!

Here is how to get started.

Fun Butterfly Craft For Kids

coffee filters
watercolor paints
paint brush
pipe cleaners


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Begin by laying the coffee filters out as flat as possible. This will make applying the paint easier.

Use your watercolor paints to decorate the coffee filter. You can create any color combination or design you wish. Just be prepared for the paint colors to spread and mix due to the texture of the coffee filter.

Let the coffee filter lay flat so it can dry. You don’t want to move it while it is wet.

Pinch the coffee filter in the middle so you create a wing shape, with a rounded edge on each side.

Secure the center with a pipe cleaner. Just wrap and twist.

Fluff the wings out to give them shape. You can then cut two small segments of pipe cleaner to use as antenna. Just twist them to the center and shape.

We love these flower crafts!

Your coffee filter butterfly craft is now ready to be displayed! You can hang them by the ceiling, or put them in windows to catch the light!

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